Traveler’s website, KFC’s announcements, and new takeaways are among the latest planning apps – but what developments are planned where you live?

Here are the most recent planning requests that have been placed in and around Mansfield and Ashfield in the week of May 2, 2022.

Radmanthwaite Cottage, Woburn Lane, Pleasley: farmhouse/hay barn;

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85 Westgate, Mansfield Town Centre.

77 Perry Hill Rd, Mansfield: bungalow, attached rear extension;

2 Queens Walk, Mansfield: Gypsum Section;

Land at Samuel Bronts Road, Mansfield: two-story office building;

17 Poplar Grove, Forest Town: one-story and one-story side extensions;

Willowbrook Medical Clinic, Brook Street, Sutton.

Land off 47 Bainbridge Road, Warsop: change of land use to a single traveler site;

8 New Park Lane, Mansfield: fallen tree;

47 Newport Crescent, Mansfield: bungalow side and aft extension;

1 Meden Glen, Church Warsop: Extensions and alterations to existing attached garage to provide additional living accommodation;

99 Liming Lane North, Mansfield Woodhouse: Brick garage to replace prefab garage.

Include the latest applications decided by the Mansfield Council:

31 Titchfield Street, Warsop: First Floor Side Annex. conditional permission

46 Woodland Grove, Mansfield Woodhouse: One-story back extension. Refusal;

8 Blenheim Close, Forest Town: A bungalow side and back extension replacing the conservatory. conditional permission

Ashcroft, Northfield Avenue, Blissley Valley: Extension of an existing detached garage. conditional permission

19-21 Church Street, Warsop: Change of use of the first floor to two apartments above the existing shop with replacement windows and exterior entrance to the metal fire pit aft. conditional permission

85 West Gate, Mansfield: Changed use of the first and second floors from office to residence, with one floor extension to the front elevation and new storefront, along with installation of four uPVC windows in the front elevation and uPVC windows in the rear elevation. Refusal.

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A dog with a “melon-sized polyp” abandoned outside Kirkby cat rescue

133 Victoria Road, Kirkby: change of use from residential to residential and childcare;

12 Pennyroyal Rd, Kirkby: Terrace;

67C Nottingham Road, Selston: one-story annex with dormer windows and separate garage;

69 Derby Rd, Kirkby: front porch and rear bungalow extension;

Lynwood, Dovedale Avenue, Sutton: One-story back extension

Willowbrook Medical Practice, Brook Street, Sutton: Front entrance roof structure modifications, interior modifications, side access door and solar panels to rear roof;

5 Little Oak Avenue, Annesley Woodhouse: two side stories and one-story rear extensions;

8 Smalley Close, Underwood: one-story rear extension;

Laurel House, Battery Lane, Sutton: Tree Works;

15 Hobsic Lane, Selston: One-story back extension.

Latest apps decided by him Ashfield board includes:

Craiglea, 5 Borders Avenue, Kirkby: A new ceiling-forming bedroom with velux windows within a pitched ceiling. conditional permission

1 Laxton Street, Sutton: two storey side extension, pitched roof to the existing one storey extension. conditional permission

1-5 Unwin Road, Sutton: Demolition of conservatory and smoking shelter, conversion of condominium into six apartments, one-story rear expansion to create a seventh apartment. Refusal;

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Forest Street, Sutton: Several luminous and non-illuminated signs. conditional permission

118 Lowmoor Road, Kirkby: External insulation of all external walls. conditional permission

Wood Land House, 40 Mansfield Road, Selston: Detached double garage with storage within the rooftop space. conditional permission

41 Kirkby Folly Road, Sutton: Change roof from hip to gable tip, full width rear windows. conditional permission

213 Alfreton Street, Sutton: bungalow and garage, double garage for 213 Alfreton Street and access to Alfreton Road. conditional permission

119 Diamond Street, Kirkby: One-story front extension. Conditional permission.

Green light for takeaway

Banks Farm, Newton Road, Tipshelf: change of use from agricultural use to storage use of wooden pallets;

17 Wilson Street, Pinkston: one-story extension aft;

55 Alder Way, Shirebrook: exterior building on the park;

Hill Top Farm, 94 Ball Hill, South Normanton: Pruning work for the ash tree.

Latest apps decided by him Bolsover board includes:

9 Barley Croft, Broadmeadows, Pinkston: Detached, two-story/three-story condo. conditional permission

69 Park Road, Shirebrook: Bungalow. conditional permission

7 King Edward Street, Shirebrook: Change of use from retail unit to takeaway takeaway on the ground floor. Conditional permission.

Store plan withdrawn

28 Milton Crescent, Ravenshead: two-story front extension, return of existing front dormer window, rear dormer window extension and one-story rear extension;

214 Longdale Lane, Ravenshead: Detached garage;

9A and 9B Main Street, Papplewick: internal works to facilitate the conversion of 9A and 9B Main Street into a single residence, and external repair works;

Broadeaves, Newstead Abbey Park, Newstead: retaining gabion wall and reed bed to lakeside edge;

2 Hucknall Road, Newstead: loft conversion with new rear dormer window;

8 Strelley Close, Linby: One-story sideboard extension with garage conversion.

Latest apps decided by him Jedling board includes:

Ravenshead Farm Shop, 131 Main Road, Ravenshead: Extension of the rear projection of the existing farm shop, after removal of the existing rear lumber store shed, expanding to scrape the northwest border and holding three refrigerated warehouses. Refusal;

36 Linwood Crescent, Ravenshead: Bungalow side extension. conditional permission

14 Fountaine Close, Linby: Double garage and one-story sideboard extension. Refusal;

Hollis, Ravenshead: Tree Works. Conditional permission.

play garden plan

33 Highfield Drive, Belthorpe: Bungalow side extension.

Latest apps decided by him Newark and Sherwood board includes:

Wood View, Station Lane, Farnsfield: Two-story side annex. withdrawn

Hadleigh Park Playground, Parfitt Drive and Farnsfield: Renovation and expansion of the existing playing field to create an additional play area. agreed;

9 The Stackyard, Mansfield Road, Farnsfield: Partial boundary wall demolition and rebuilding with reclaimed bricks. agreed.

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