Turtle Beach unveils VelocityOne rudder and single mount pedals as new accelerator accessories

White Plains, New York – (work wire) – The Turtle Beach Corporation, a leading manufacturer of gaming accessories (NASDAQ: HEAR) today revealed the Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ rudder pedals And the Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ holder As the latest addition to the brand’s growing range of gaming emulation accessories. The Speed: single rudder And the understand Designed to perfectly match award winners Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Flight Universal Control SystemAs well as with other steering wheel settings, racing wheel and pedal.

Aviation lovers can now elevate their setup to new levels of realism with Turtle Beach’s Speed: single rudder pedals. For fans of the Flying Slice on Windows PC and Xbox Series X | S and the new Xbox One rudder pedals It features dual pedal configurations for light aircraft and heavy lane settings, with smooth rudder axis and contactless Hall effect sensors on all axes for fluid movements and a longer maintenance-free product life. The brake differential enables tight cornering and precise runway braking control, while interchangeable springs and adjustable pedal width and shape provide added realism whether you’re flying a light aircraft, heavy passenger plane or a fighter jet. In addition, multiple stable installation solutions maintain Speed: single rudder pedals Tightly planted on a variety of surfaces. Turtle Beach Speed: single rudder pedals Available for pre-order today from www.turtlebeach.com and participating retailers for $299.99 for MSRP and launches October 31, 2022.

Flight sim fans can securely mount and store their entire setup with Turtle Beach’s Speed ​​- 1 stop. Also designed to ensure complete compatibility with VelocityOne Flight Simulation Control System And the Speed: single pedalsThe Speed ​​- 1 stop Also compatible with other flight simulator and racing simulator and pedal accessories. The Speed ​​- 1 stop It has a built-in quick-release latch to adjust height, angle and length to adapt to any player and environment. Additionally, the upper mounting platform tilts for proper yoke or wheel placement, and the lower platform can be similarly adjusted for rudder or racing pedals. The Speed ​​- 1 stopIts reversible design allows it to be used facing either direction, and the solid steel mounting rigs are pre-drilled to work with Speed ​​- one trip & Speed: single rudder products. Adjustable and anti-oscillation rubber feet keep Speed ​​- 1 stop Compact, ergonomic foldable design allows for easy storage without having to disassemble your accessories. The Speed ​​- 1 stop Also available for pre-order today from www.turtlebeach.com and participating retailers for $199.99 for a MSRP and launching in December 2022.

“along with single trip speedthe new Speed: single pedals And the understand “Create the best, most complete and most advanced flight simulation control system on the market,” said Jürgen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. “It bothered us pedals And the understand Behind closed doors for the past few weeks to a great early welcome from the flying sim community. With full details now available, including expanded compatibility with other products, we know fans will be excited to complete their setup with the speed pedals And the understand when they take off.”

The full list of Speed: single rudder pedals Features include:

  • Ultra-smooth rudder axle: The single-axis return to center provides smooth, low-friction precision forward and backward for precise directional control. Friction-free linear bearings allow for smooth, precise and maintenance-free operation. Two sets of interchangeable rudder springs provide additional adjustability for the perfect feel.
  • differential brake: Spring-loaded brake pedals provide precise control of tarmac braking, or steering assistance when depressing one pedal at a time.
  • Interchangeable pedals: Two sets of interchangeable pedals are easily interchangeable and provide realistic duplication of light planes or airplane style pedals.
  • Adjustable pedal width: Adjustable pedal width accommodates a wide range of users and aircraft types. Plus, when not in use, the adjustable footprint provides convenient storage.
  • Accurate and long lasting pivots: Contactless Hall-effect sensors on all axes provide high-resolution data and longer product life over standard potentiometers.
  • Stable mounting solutions: The sturdy metal chassis with rubber pads and a carpet grip on the bottom provides a stable base on a wide variety of surfaces and is pre-drilled for permanent installation in the home cockpit.
  • Universal PC Compatibility: Connect a 2-meter USB-C to USB-A cable directly to your PC to add it Speed: single rudder pedals to your current setting.
  • Take a ride on Xbox: Press the MODE button to switch from PC to Xbox Series X | S & Xbox One using the included pass-through cable. Requires VelocityOne Comprehensive Flight Control System To work on Xbox devices.

The full list of Speed ​​- one stop Features include:

  • adjustable design: Using quick release clamps, Speed ​​- one stop Allows precise height, angle and length adjustments, as well as tilt adjustments for upper and lower mounting platforms.
  • Solid steel structure: Durable steel construction keeps simulator accessories securely attached, plus the speedSpecial and universal mounting holes allow for permanent installation of simulator accessories.
  • Universal Compatibility: The Speed ​​- one stop built for VelocityOne Comprehensive Flight Control System And the Speed: single rudder pedalsand works with most other third-party knobs, racing wheels, rudder pedals, and racing pedals.
  • fold flat design: Speed ​​- one stop It folds flat without having to remove any accessories, allowing you to keep your setup installed while also storing it easily.
  • evacuation: The versatile design allows you to reverse the direction of the main shaft according to your preference.
  • Adjustable rubber feet: Adjustable anti-oscillation rubber feet to ensure Speed ​​- one stop It remains firmly planted.

For more information on the latest Turtle Beach simulator products, controllers, gaming headsets, and other gaming accessories, visit www.turtlebeach.com and be sure to follow Turtle Beach on TikTok, Twitterand Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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