TXDW Houston – India Hicks at OKA

DrDespite being straight off a plane from London (“that could be dangerous”) and admitting it was actually two glasses of champagne in (“very dangerous”), British designer, entrepreneur, The New York Times Bestselling author, model and mother of five India Hicks Texas Design Week stunned diners during her photo talk and book signing at OKA’s West Alabama jewelry store in Houston. Wearing a cream jacket and wide-legged denim, Hicks played one funny joke after another with the ultimate in elegance and style and didn’t show the weary traveler.

In addition to OKA’s perfect English household items and a greenhouse filled with faux flowers, there were plenty to entertain the crowds sold into the evening – including pop-up kaftans with British brand Hester Bly, a collaboration between Hicks and the line’s founder, Jimma Street. The Tigers of India limited edition collection is filled with vibrant prints in bold colors inspired by the lives of five pioneering Indian women.

Fittingly, the evening’s signature cocktail was a hot pink Tigerini consisting of prickly pear puree mixed with fresh lime juice, vodka, and a drizzle of soda and mint. Or once you can go British with classic gin and tonic.

Hicks was delighted that most of the guests had cocktails on hand when they settled into a video talk showcasing content from her latest book, Fun story (Rizzoli), followed by a book signature. “Oh, Houston, we’re doing it right,” she laughed. The book, in typical India Hicks style, is filled with island-inspired tablescapes (Hicks and her family call Harbor Island home), personal anecdotes (such as inviting the King of Spain—a distant relative—to a casual dinner), and genius, unconventional arranging (the final chapter covers From the book Breakfast; chapter one, of course, is Cocktail Hour). “I always say find a fun spot for your drinks. It doesn’t matter. Don’t just do it in the same old spot. Find a tree house and have a drink in the treehouse.” “Drink anywhere. Drink at OKA! ”

Between tales of growing up with her famous designer father, David Hicks, and her mother, Lady Pamela Mountbatten, as well as her grandparents, the Earl and Countess of Mountbatten, Hicks offered ways to enjoy the freshness when one lives on a three-mile-long island. She also shared her passion for Global Empowerment Mission, a disaster relief nonprofit that serves on her board of directors, and Harbor Island Food Bank, which she founded during the pandemic. After her trip to Houston, Hicks planned to return to London to take a first aid course before the flight back to Poland to help those in need at the Ukrainian border.

Adding to the impressive list of India Hicks’ latest endeavor, she previewed her new collection of bags, in collaboration with Tustin, a heritage British brand that has been run by the same family for five generations since 1875.

Hicks manages all of this and more through an earth-based and always humorous perspective. “We, especially women, feel like we need everything to be perfect all the time and to live our lives to such a high standard. I think it’s okay to relax a bit,” adding that her entertaining style is intimate, unpolished, and a little random all at once. “If your plates don’t match, that’s okay.”

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