Unique Home Decor Items You Can Find During Prime Early Deals on Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022

The Great Amazon Freedom Festival Sale 2022 has already begun. It has brought the most popular early deals to Prime subscribers, which is a plus for early buyers. We’ve narrowed down some truly unique home décor items from popular brands. All of these brands find a place in the top-tier brands category and their prices have been drastically reduced in the sale. Check out these unique home decor items on the Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale.

Buy These Unique Home Decor Items On Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022

1. Brass Sharpener Shankh Chakra Namah hanging on the wall

This stunning Shankh Chakra Namah brass wall hanging is masterfully crafted from pure copper. This material has a relative resistance to staining, is valued for its workability, hardness, resistance to abrasion and gives an attractive appearance to the product. With proper care and maintenance, you can maintain the beauty of this brass wall hanging for a long time, use a dry cloth to clean.

Price: 1399 rupees

Deal: 707 rupees

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2. Two Ethnic Mustaches Carved Brass Wall Lantern Diya Hanger Planter

This handmade wall lantern hanger comes with standard mounting screws. You can use a dry or damp cotton cloth to remove dirt. The product is even washable. This beautiful brass lantern hanger will add old world charm to your home.


Price: 995 rupees

Deal: 616 rupees

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3. Exclusive: Hand-painted terracotta decorative wall panels from ‘The Warli Tales’

This decorative wall covering available on Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022 is handcrafted in India by local artisans. It is a hand-painted terracotta design in multiple colors. The design is inspired by the “Tarpa dance” of the Warli community in Maharashtra. The entire artifact weighs just over 600 grams.


Price: 1585 rupees

Deal: 1,199 rupees

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4. Xtore® Home Decor Lucky Deer Family Figurines in Matte Finish Ceramic Figurines

These granular, matte shapes are made of high-temperature ceramic. The surface of the figurines is smooth and easy to clean. To prevent slipping, there are anti-slip pads on the bottom.


Price: 2,399 rupees

Deal: 1022 rupees

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5. APKAMART Lord Ganesh Dancing Pose Metal Wall Hanging

Bring prosperity, wealth and piety to your home by choosing this Lord Ganesha wall hanging made of high quality aluminum. Mount this on your walls or place it in your temple for an ethnic look. Religious wall hangings not only help to provide an atmosphere of spirituality for your home but can also be treated as an article to decorate your home. This product is made of aluminum alloy and can be cleaned with a dry cotton cloth.


Price: 2800 rupees

Deal: 1,139 rupees

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6. Hand Painted Tied Ribbons and Hand Hanging Parrot for Home Decor

This decorative hanging parrot is handcrafted using real crushed stones inlaid with high quality designer resin. Comes with polished iron hanger and matching parrot hole.


Price: 1499 rupees

Deal: 649 rupees

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7. Exclusive Lane ‘Oasis Radiance’ Iron Hand Hanging Tea Lamp Holder

This beautiful hanging tea lamp holder is perfect for lighting up your favorite spaces and can also be used as a tea table stand. The tea lamp holder is handcrafted of iron and the blocks are made of wood. Scattered light from the detailed pieces forms beautiful floral patterns on the surrounding walls.


Price: 1125 rupees

Deal: 806 rupees

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With Prime early deals going on the Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022, you can take advantage of all these exceptional home décor items at discounted prices. Today’s deals are exclusive to Prime members, so hurry up now!

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