Unit owners and bereaved families differ over the distribution of $83 million

Surside, Florida. Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge Michael Hansman, who is overseeing lawsuits related to the Surfside building collapse, has yet to decide how the $83 million — $50 million in insurance payments and $33 million from the sale of the land — will be distributed. .

Hansmann held his final approval hearing on Tuesday. While lawyers for survivors who lost property after the South Champlain Towers collapsed want the judge to increase the “common fund,” lawyers for relatives of 98 dead argue that the settlement should apply only to false death claims.

Hansmann decided that $750,000 would be deducted from attorney and maintenance fees. Oren Cytrynbaum, a real estate investor and attorney, is among the surviving owners of the property in the former 136-unit building. He got off his unit 905 about three hours before the crash. He said Unit 906 belonged to his family.

“We are not asking for anything more than some form of compensation so that we can go on with our lives,” Sittrenbaum said, adding, “What would be right? What would be fair? I don’t think we will ever come to that answer.”


He and the other property owners believe that their share of the settlement will be less than fair market value and will not be enough to cover the other missing items. Unit holders and wrongful death complainants have 10 days to opt out of the settlement.

“Unfortunately, we are caught between a rock and a hard place because, yes, we do have options to opt out, but it’s not really economically viable,” Sitterenbaum said.

Town hall

Surfside forms two commissions to honor apartment collapse victims

Surf commissioners set up two new committees Tuesday night that will make recommendations on how the town will pay tribute to the 98 victims of the South Champlain Towers collapse.

One committee will focus on the memorials and the other on the June 24th anniversary. Mayor Shlomo Dantzinger said it was important for victims’ relatives to be members of the committees.

The committee discussed hanging a sign with the names of the victims on the fence surrounding the site along Collins Avenue between 88th and 87th Streets.


After the special meeting, the commissioners plan to focus on the memorial again on April 12 and the remembrance event on May 10.

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