University Park campus to undergo various summer construction projects

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. After the spring semester ends and the commencement ceremonies conclude, the Penn State of Physical Plant (OPP) office will turn its attention once again to a wide range of construction and renovation projects at University Park during the summer months.

OPP, along with transportation services and project contractors, will work to minimize disruption to the campus community wherever possible. Transportation Services will communicate directly with permit holders in advance of any parking closure to provide information about designated alternative parking spaces. OPP updates an interactive construction map that identifies campus construction projects across University Park and the campus visitor map also provides capital project construction information.

Projects scheduled for this summer include:

Parking lots and paving roads and roads

  • Six on-campus parking lots will receive mill and overlay maintenance this summer – Orange U (East), Silver G (Greenberg), Yellow M (Lasch), Yellow R (Ag Admin), Student 11 (Grubb/Garban), and Off Campus Commuter (TSB). An additional 28 parking lots will receive sealant and sealant coating treatments.
  • Gate C at Beaver Stadium will undergo improvements and nearby West Drive will receive sealant and sealing paint treatments.
  • Parking will be affected in the Red V area near the Elliott Building on Burrowes Road due to the need for lifting equipment related to roof maintenance. In addition, the plot between the Elliott Building and Beaver Street will undergo a realignment of spaces and improved accessibility to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Allen Road, from Park Avenue to Fischer Road, will be closed and diverted in May and June due to utility work taking place in the vicinity. In addition, Fischer Road, between Allen Road and Nittany Parking Deck, will be reduced to two lanes and closed on selected weekends.
  • Nittany Parking Deck will be undergoing surface rehabilitation which may cause temporary closure of venues.
  • Brown C car park near Osmond Lab will be closed, with Brown B and Brown C (Ritenour) car park access remaining via a bypass.
  • The installation of chilled water piping in the West Electrical Engineering Buildings and the East Electrical Engineering Building will have impacts on parking near the two buildings and potential pedestrian diversions.


  • Major lighting improvements will take place along portions of Porter, Curtin, Pegler and Bullock Roads, causing sidewalks to close intermittently.
  • A new sidewalk and lighting upgrades will be added to University Drive Ramp B to provide increased pedestrian access from College Avenue to the east side of the campus.
  • The main walkways around the Nittany Apartments will be replaced along with improvements to the exterior lighting in the area.
  • Several piers near the Mater and Ford buildings will be closed and diverted during the summer due to utility work in the vicinity.
  • Several piers near Osmond, Davey, Whitmore, South Frear, Buckhout and Bouke laboratories will be closed during the summer due to utility-related work in the vicinity.

Building renovations

  • New interior finishes, ADA upgrades and general renovations will be carried out on the Forum Building.
  • McKee Hall’s slate roof is due to be replaced this summer.
  • The Sparks Building will undergo a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system upgrade, with duct and air systems replaced.
  • The cooling tower will be replaced at the Pegula Ice Arena.
  • A new pool chemistry room will be added to the white building.

New construction and major renovation

  • The College of Engineering Research and Teaching Spaces 1 and 2 (West 1 and 2) are both currently under construction and continue to transform the Western Campus. Construction on West 1 began last summer and will take at least another year to complete. West 2, on the other hand, started groundbreaking in 2020 and is approaching an expected completion later this year.
  • The Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel continues its major renovation and addition.
  • The new Palmer Museum of Art continues to take shape at the Arboretum. Visitors can still visit the site of the current Palmer Museum of Art as well as the Arboretum in Pennsylvania.
  • Phase 2B of the East Halls Renovation Project includes a major overhaul of the Packer, Bigler and Curtin Halls, including a complete renovation of the building systems.
  • The expansion of the Lasch Football Building is expected to be completed in summer 2022. In addition to the expansion, the building will also receive upgraded mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Multi-year replacement and renovation of the university’s water reclamation facility will continue, which includes improvements to wastewater systems and overall environmental impact.

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