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ORLANDO, FL, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vice President of Growth and Expansion for the US and Europe Stephen Hollands has led the US expansion of the Vacation Home Collection since 2021 and comes from one of the most prominent US players. He is excited about what they have achieved but knows there is still more to do.

He says, “It’s been a great start to 2022, and I am pleased to lead the phase of VHC Stay’s expansion into multiple markets and countries this year.”

Vacation home management

This investment serves as a huge catalyst in helping VHC grow and expand its business. CVC Group sees a great opportunity in the vacation rental market and is confident that VHC will become an important player in this industry.

Thanks to this funding, VHC will be able to offer more diverse vacation rentals to their guests. Travelers can look forward to more luxurious, comfortable and unique vacation rentals with Vacation Home Collection.

This financing is not venture capital, so the company can focus more on developing its technology for homeowners and guests. They will also be able to put their energy into making customer experiences as enjoyable as possible while they are on vacation and making vacation rentals easier than ever for homeowners.

Vacation home management

Holiday home collection

Vacation Home Collection is a full-service, technology-enabled short-term rental management company focused on increasing revenue for homeowners and providing unique travel experiences for their guests.

They offer an exceptional world class selection of homes, carefully selected for their quality and location. They are part of the CVC Group – one of the largest tour groups worldwide.

VHC prides itself not only on its international presence but also because its investor brings a distinct distribution and network, enabling VHC homeowners to see and list their properties not only on important OTA players such as Airbnb ®, VRBO ® and ®, but also on exclusive B2B integrations across Various international markets, including CVC travel agencies and premium channels such as Marriott Homes and Villas. As VHC Stay distribution is present in a variety of different markets and channels, it drives the business to gain and maintain a strong competitive position in the short-term rental industry.

About CVC
CVC Corporation

About CVC

CVC Corp., a public company headquartered in Brazil, has provided comprehensive travel services and experiences to clients for nearly 50 years.

As the largest tour group in Latin America, they pride themselves on their global presence and how they enable them to create best-in-class travel experiences for their clients.

CVC GROUP is represented by various companies in the leisure travel and cultural exchange programs sectors, through traditional stores, digital platforms and multi-brand stores.

The group offers high quality travel travel and offers excellent customer service that is unmatched by any other organization in its industry or sector as they continue to focus on the individual needs of customers while offering diverse travel experiences.

About the holiday home set
Holiday home collection

About the holiday home set

Vacation Home Collection is a unique and innovative short-term rental management company that aims to turn homes into profitable businesses for landlords.

Through their professional booking process and services, they provide flawless customer support with local teams in each area to ensure that all homeowner and guest needs are exceeded.

With a strong sense of social responsibility and a dedication to the luxury and experience of homeowners and guests, VHC forms strategic partnerships with local property owners, develops their operational and technology solutions, and expands into global markets.


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