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May 14, 2022 – Kewaskum, Wisconsin – A ribbon cutting was performed at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 14, 2022 to mark the opening of the new 45 Foundry in Kewaskum, Wisconsin. The building was formerly home to The Amerahn Dance Hall and Steve and Mary Minor Bar.

Some unique details include a small vestibule area near the entrance, and the former ballroom is now open to rafters, windows, and garage doors added for lighting.

The remodel features many nuggets of history including repurposed timber from the property, display of metal beer cans found in the walls during the remodel, the old cash register behind the 32-foot-high bar, and a classic Budweiser beer cart overhaul. .


Budweiser strollerfoundry 45

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Foundry 45, 9480 N. Fond du Lac Avenue in the town of Kewaskum.

There is a stage for music entertainment, a DJ booth, and all the tables are made of trees felled to clear the back space for additional parking.

foundry 45

It was February 2021 when Marie Klinky She and her family were preparing to sell the facility. The remodeling of Foundry 45 began in late 2021.

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“Here’s going to be a lounge where there’s going to be a fireplace in the middle, and some sofas are just a great place to hang out,” Cadman said.

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While the interior looks massive, Cadman said the footprint is exactly the same as the old building.


“When this was Amerahn, there was basically a corner bar and there was

ceiling drop. We removed the suspended ceiling and went to the structural elements above.”

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New plumbing is in place, concrete floors have been chipped and replaced, and insulation has been installed with a new 40-foot rod.

“One of the things we want to make sure is when you’re here for a wedding or for a band, you don’t want people waiting to get their drinks,” said Josh Cadman, a partner at Foundry 45.

steel charter

The original bar was built in 1959 and the auditorium was added in 1974.

Cadman compares the bones of the entire hull to “It was built like a barge. All the mechanical equipment needed updating but so far everything we dug into the building has been a pleasant surprise.”

The renovation includes storage space, a catering kitchen, a larger podium and a sound and lighting system with a control cabin.

While the interior remodel has been completed, there is also an extensive exterior remodel at the rear of the building which will contain an outdoor stage, lighting and steel canopy.

“We have a great big space here where the building goes down a little bit, and there will be a canopy coming out 16 feet and this opening, we cut aside there will be an indoor and outdoor bar to serve people who are outside watching music,” Cadman said.

“We just want a great place to hang out,” he said. “We’re going to make campfires, and clear a space where that old green shed used to be, because perhaps one of our biggest obstacles is parking.”

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