Wanted: Apprentices Wanted for Tile, Marble and Terrazzo Federation

Staten Island, New York – If you’re looking to learn the tile, marble, and terrazzo trades, Federation Local No. 7 in New York and New Jersey takes applications for apprentices.

The Joint Professional Training Commission (JATC) for Tiles and Marble and Terrazzo BAC, the local No. 7 association in New York and New Jersey will conduct a recruitment process in June and November for one trainee in the field of tiles, marble and terrazzo; five apprentices in tile laying; five Terrazzo Worker apprentices; The New York State Department of Labor (DOL) announced Friday and five interns for Marble, Carver, Cutter, and Sitter.

Orders will be available at the International Masonry Institute, 12-07 44th Avenue, Long Island City from 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. June 13-17 and November 14-18. Presentation day.

Applications by mail will not be accepted.

The committee requires applicants to:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Hold a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma (eg TASC or GED).
  • Have reliable transportation to and from the various work sites and required classes at the accredited school. The union operates in the states of New York and New Jersey.
  • Take a basic assessment skills test and score at least 23 (out of a total of 31) on the test.
  • Take a drug test and pass it at the sponsor’s expense after an offer of employment.
  • Sign an affidavit agreeing that they are physically able to perform the essential functions of commerce without posing a threat to the health or safety of themselves or others. Jobs may include: working with hand tools and power tools. Exposure to loud noises, dangerous machinery, dangerous voltages, and respiratory irritants. Prolonged standing, climbing, walking, frequent sitting, stretching and bending. Work under harsh climatic conditions in the summer and winter months. Work in temperatures and in confined areas where movement is strictly limited. Lifting and transporting heavy supplies and equipment up to 100 pounds. Work from ladders, scaffolding, and personnel lifts that may exceed 100 feet.
  • Submit Form DD-214 214, Certificate of Discharge or Discharge from Active Service, if applicable, after selection and before enrollment.

For more information, applicants should contact Tile, Marble and Terrazzo BAC, Local Union #7 of NY & NJ at (718) 706-7229. Additional job search assistance can be obtained at the New York State Department of Labor’s Local Career Center (see: https://dol.ny.gov/career-centers).

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