Warren County Church celebrates 120 years of serving its community

Drake, Kentucky (WBKO) – Whitechapel United Methodist Church on Sunday will celebrate its 120th anniversary with Sunday morning mass, food and live music.

Over the years, the church has seen many families and generations pass through its doors, some of which still exist today.

“We have a 92-year-old member, and she joined when she was 12. She’s been a member for 80 years,” said Terry Reagan, a church member. “We have several members who have been members for 60 and 70 years and are still attending. .”

White’s Chapel UMC originally started as White’s Chapel Episcopal Church, in the Drake community of Bowling Green in 1902 and has been in this location ever since.

“September 8th was truly the birth of the church,” said Reverend Mark Clark. “At that time, the contract was signed [for] Two acres of land. And what they said is 60 square columns of property. I’m not sure what 60 square columns mean for a property.”

The church has sat on the same property from its inception with some new additions over the years including indoor plumbing, fellowship hall next to the main church, additional classrooms in the back, and parking.

While the building was demolished in the 1950s, to better preserve the structure, the original wood floors are still part of what stands today.

They tore it to the ground, laid the foundation under it, and then rebuilt a much higher and higher roof. “You can see and see that when you try to drive a nail, it’s real wood,” Reagan said. “It is solid oak. Here it has been through many storms, many winters and hot summers. We didn’t have concrete blocks in the 1950s, we did. So when you look at the foundation, it’s now sitting on concrete blocks.”

In addition to other changes made over the years, the church also added a tower in 1995.

For church members, like Reagan, the building is more than just a place to visit for a few hours on a Sunday morning.

“We grew up in this church, and that means something to the community,” he said. “As our pastor says, all the time, it is a special place, you can feel the Holy Spirit here. And you can remember those who are not with us anymore.”

The church has served and continues to serve its community in many different ways, including going on missions and making visits at homes or other places in the community. They have also hosted a variety of different things in the church including weddings and other social gatherings.

“The department can take a lot of hats off,” Reverend Clark said. “We try to fill as many as possible. It is a challenge in today’s world because there are so many needs.”

Sunday’s ceremony will begin at 4 p.m. in the chapel on the lawn behind the Fellowship Hall. Hot dogs, chips, and other snacks will be served starting at 4:30 p.m., and music from the South Union Bluegrass Band will start around 5:00 p.m. The event is free to the public.

The church is still in its original 1902 site off Highway 622 in Drake, Kentucky. For more information about the church or event on Sunday, visit its Facebook page.

Warren Corporation, a flyer for the celebration of Community Church(Whitechapel UMC)

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