Washoe can create permanently affordable housing through community land credits

This opinion column was provided by Kyle Isaksen, the Democratic candidate for the Washoe County, Third District committee. His campaign website is kyleforwashoe.com.

Since this campaign began in January, I have had many conversations with voters. And with our great volunteers, we’ve knocked on over 3,500 doors since March 5 – when it was snowing!

By far the issue that people care about is affordable housing. There are many things we can do as a county and state to support the development of affordable housing and my website delves into many ideas. But here I’ll talk to one of them: Community Land Trusts (CLTs).

My understanding of the problem of affordable housing did not begin with my conversations with voters. In 2015, my wife and I purchased a vacant plot of land in our neighborhood with plans to build a community center, giant greenhouse, or…something that would benefit our neighborhood. Ultimately, due to zoning constraints, we decided to build a single family home that could be part of the CLT for affordable housing permanently. CLTs have been something we’ve been learning about for over a decade, and we’ve been excited to support their development in our region.

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