Watch neighbor Anne Heck get burned inside a wrecked car

A witness told The Post that Anne Heche was literally on fire after she crashed her blue Mini Cooper into a house in Los Angeles.

“I was convinced she was burnt and she was gone,” David Manberl, who lives nearby and was the first person on the scene, told The Post on Saturday. “I couldn’t imagine anyone surviving that.”

Miraculously, Heche, 53, survived a crash Friday morning, as did the owner of the home it destroyed, who left the living room with her pets and moved into a side room moments before Heche got into her car.

After trying to get to her inside the fiery wreck, Manberl said he watched helplessly as Hetchi, who had been trapped, seemed to be burning alive before the firefighters arrived.

Manberl, 58, a software engineer, was at his home in the Mar Vista neighborhood just north of Venice when he was shocked to see a car driving at high speed on what he said was a very narrow street.

Anne Hechey’s wrecked minivan has been towed away from Walgrove Street in Mar Vista, Los Angeles.
the background

Home security footage obtained by A CBS local station Show a blue car speeding recklessly through a suburban-style community before the accident.

The nightmarish episode began to unfold a few minutes ago, when Heche walked through the Mar Vista apartment complex and crashed into a garage door. Authorities said that passersby tried to get actress Donnie Brasco out of the car, but she backed the car, drove off and drove off Preston Road where it then veered into a small house.

“My first thought was that there was a malfunction in the car or that there was some kind of medical problem,” Manberl said of the speeding car. “The car was going three times faster than it should have been. It blew up in three intersections. There was no cornering, swerving, braking or skid marks.”

Heche is seen trying to escape from the stretchers of first responders.
Despite the frightening incident, Heche expects to “withdraw”.
Fox 11

Manberl heard the shock a few seconds after the car passed, and went nearby, where he said Hetchy’s car had crashed in the front of the house and fell about 50 feet into the back of the house.

He said the 52-year-old resident, whom Manberl said was renting the house, was walking around the wreckage and asked him for help getting her dogs and a turtle out of the house. The inhabitant cannot be reached immediately.

There was a lot of wreckage, and Manberl couldn’t tell if the driver was a man or a woman.

Remains of Heche's car after the wreck.
Remains of Heche’s car after the wreck.
the background

He managed to open the rear doors of the car and crawl to a part of the interior, asking Heche if she was okay and if she could raise her hand. He remembers that she said no either way.

Minutes after trying to get to Heche, Manpearl saw a “curtain of fire” rising from under the car which eventually swept through with Heche sitting upright in the driver’s seat, unable to get out.

Neighbor David Manberl was the first to appear on the scene.
Neighbor David Manberl was the first to appear on the scene.
Facebook / David Manberl

“It caught fire more and more while she was sitting there stuck in the car,” Manberl said. “The fire was licking the roof of the car and hitting it. I thought it was lost.”

Manberl and two neighbors tried to use garden hoses and a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, but to no avail.

“I had to step back from there because I started not being able to breathe from the smoke,” he said.

Manberl said he worries about the dweller as much as Hechi, because the dweller has lost almost everything in the fiery wreckage.

“The firefighters brought her a few things, some medicine and some files,” he said. “Everything was damaged by smoke. Every inch of this house was destroyed. Her life was turned upside down. She was only a renter with limited renter insurance.”

He said the resident stayed at Manberl’s home with her pets yesterday, until friends came to pick her up.

ann heck
Manberl said he believes Heche “burned and went.”
Crash site wreckage in a two-bedroom million dollar home in Mar Vista.
The crash site wreckage of the two-bedroom million dollar home in Mar Vista.

Her ex-boyfriend, Thomas Jane, said in a statement that the actress – who was intubated with serious burns at a nearby hospital – was expected to “succeed”.

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