Weekly Planning Applications: February 24, 2022

The following planning requests have been received. You can watch it online via Click on the order number below or via our search page.

Copies can also be viewed on time At Exeter City Council, Civic Center, Paris Street, please call 01392 265223 to arrange a viewing appointment.

letters Objection, suspension or support It can be made via the application on our website, or directly to the case officer mentioned in the application, before the expiration date indicated on the “Important dates” screen.

Development affecting the setting of a listed building (LB) and/or the character or appearance of a conservation area (CA)

Adjacent land 9 Clifton Hill. change usage from C3 (Residential garden) to Sui Generis (non-residential garden). Suggested decoration, temple and exterior construction [Revised Description]. 21/1971 / FUL (CA & LB)

Riversmeet Boat House, Bowling Green Road, Riversmeet, Topsham. Detached double garage with adjoining studio/home office. 21/1853/FUL (CA & LB)

Two ways, Tadford drug. Alternative garage. 0116/22 / Bean (California)

2 Hensleigh House, 58 Magdalen Road. One-story extension. 01/22 / FUL (CA & LB)

44 Strand, Topsham. Change of ceiling finishing materials from approved applications References 20/0764/LBC and 20/0763/FUL. 0184/22 / FUL (CA & LB)

Building applications included

Devon County Council 6, County Hall, Topsham Road. Renovation of the flat ceiling of the Bellair Members’ Lounge and the former room. 0168/22/th. with me. bad

First Floor, 33-35 South High East. Interior modifications including removal of removable partitions to convert the toilet into a shower. 0156/22 /

Knapp, Ferry Road, Topsham. Remove a section of the low wall on the front boundary and create a new pier to match the existing one. 0141/22 / LBC

Planning apps

Land South 15 The Fairway, Exeter. New residence. 0153/22/full*

4 Catherine Close. Install the solar panels on the flat roof of the garage. 0194/22/full*

12 Shepherd Street. Proposed rear extension of the existing bungalow. 0205/22/full*

19 Chapel Street. Two-storey back extension. 01/22/full*

34 Armstrong Street. The rear extensions of the ground and first floors. 0161/22/full*

40 Brookside Crescent. Ground floor extensions and sleeper ceiling. 0165/22/full*

51 Quarry Park Road. One-storey back extension. 01/22/full*

52 Countess Wear Street. Rear cantilever side extension and front lawn adjustments. 0155/22/full*

81 Counsellors Road. Build an orangery conservatory to the side elevation and full width porch to back elevation. 22/0232 / full *

Communication applications

Western Power Depot, Osprey Rd. Installation of housing for radio equipment, generators, security fencing and ancillary works. 02/2211 / PNT

* Identifies applications that have not been announced in the press.

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