Werobot Pino Lamp has been launched on Kickstarter as the smart robot tracking lamp

The world’s first artificial light-powered robot that automatically tracks faces and objects, intelligently adjusting the angle of illumination

Werobot Pino Lamp launches today on Kickstarter at As the world’s first automatic tracking smart table lamp that can offer an intelligently adjustable lighting experience.

To solve the shortcomings and limitations of traditional table lamps, Pino Lamp is designed to enhance the experience of working, reading, writing and even video recording when you are doing anything from your table and need really good lighting that perfectly adapts to your specific requirements at any time.

This innovative lamp is built with an AI algorithm that supports automatic object tracking, recognition and follow-up of selected objects, including the user’s face, in the most targeted and optimized lighting experience that has not been available to users until now. The head of the lamp also moves intelligently by itself when the user adjusts this mode,” and the breathing light effect can make the user feel like an escort.

Pino Lamp also supports Smart Adjust mode that allows the user to adjust lamp brightness and temperature according to different preferences from the lamp app. This can be controlled remotely or when you are near a lamp because the app allows you to explore both scenarios. Alternatively, the user can select the pre-set AI-powered Werobot Pino Lamp modes. The lamp base also serves as a wireless charging platform where users can wirelessly charge their phones.

There are three primary features of the Werobot Pino lamp that are sure to entice crowdfunding supporters to pre-order the lamp. It features a book-tracking mode in which the lamp tracks the user’s movements, appropriately highlighting the pages being read. It also offers a human face tracking mode, which allows users to shoot videos from their phone and have this very special flashlight that intelligently tracks their faces.

Finally, the custom lamp color tracking mode allows users to set one specific color to track, making the lamp light track the only color the user wants to track, and exclusively track any objects of that color.

The Werobot Pino Lamp campaign on Kickstarter seeks the site To fund the large-scale production of the lamp that will be offered early and at a special price to supporters who support the campaign.

About Werobot

Currently the world’s leading AI robot company, Werobot is an AI-powered robotics company founded in January 2018 with the goal of developing low-cost robots to cover the many needs in every home around the planet. The company has independently developed and created a deep learning platform and super computing center. We have also compiled a series of leading artificial intelligence and robot control technologies, including object image recognition, unmanned driving, intelligent unilateral navigation, human action recognition, emotion recognition, and other technologies.

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