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by Tracy log
West Seattle Blog Editor

Early design concepts for the “New Alki” (Elementary) made their public debut at last night’s online community meeting.

The school is being reconstructed with $67 million from 2019 BEX V levy; The existing gym and adjacent community center will remain. Construction is expected to start within a year and last two years.

The meeting started with greetings from Seattle Public Schools‘ Project manager Brian Fabellaa resident of West Seattle, and Mason SkvingtonPrincipal of Alki Primary School, who acknowledged that School Design Consulting TeamWorked in the planning process for the last months. Architects from dreamed She was there too, as was a delegate from Cornerstone General ContractingThe Bothell-based company that will build the school.

dreamed Becky Hutchinson He said Alki currently has just over 300 students. Construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2023; Alki will move to the previous Schmitz Park Primary The building until the opening of the new school in the fall of 2025. Here is the schedule:

More than 100 companies and 100 craftsmen will be needed for the construction, bids will be launched in March 2023, Brian Gormley Corner stone.

chief engineer Laura Bolin From there he took Mahloum. She shared some of the school’s history, including the original 1913 building, which was long since demolished. This project will demolish the school but not the gymnasium nor the adjacent community center operated by the city.

They double the size of the school to 82,000, so it can accommodate more than 500 students, from preschool through fifth grade, while it currently has 45,000 square feet and just over 300 students.

The new building will have three floors (plus a penthouse) to accommodate this large amount of room.

They hope to create a “front porch” for the school (See image at the top of this report) Its front door was moved to what they call “Garden Street” along the north side of the school, facing it Alki Playfield. It will include an outdoor learning space. The drop-off bus and parents will now remain in place. There will be no on-site parking – the current space used for this along 59 Southwest will be part of the “Blvd” area. Hutchinson showed a list of other SPS schools that offer little or no off-street parking (none of them were in West Seattle, though). A Traffic Management Plan will be drawn up near the opening of the new school.

Stacy Crumbacher We talked about the people who have been involved so far and how the equity will be addressed, and the message the building intends to send. Students as well as staff and families were involved. (You can find more information on that in the full slide set from the meeting, which you can see here.)

What would Alki Elementary look and feel like? Crumpbacher said they aspire to retain a sense of community “where everyone knows everyone.” Demonstrated entry concept:

Classroom concept:

She emphasized that the building would now face and embrace the garden rather than the street. The large, lobby-style commons space will give everyone a view of what’s going on above them:

There is also a vision of features to teach the history of the area – including Alki as the place the colonists arrived. (They are talking to Al-Dawamish tribe About this, Crumbo said.)

The material will reflect the natural environment – rocks, water, beach, trees.

So what’s next? The land use process begins this fall, including requests for zoning exceptions (“departure periods”).

In a Q&A, nearby residents asked for more information, including access to design documents. There was a question about security. Fabella replied, “In terms of security, there will be a new secure entry vestibule. There will also be an increase in the visibility of the staff/supervisors for the entrance.” Asked about the old gymnasium as construction, Crumbaker noted that it will be elevated to existing codes, including “new finishes so that this space looks like an integral part of the school when it opens.” It will be connected to an all-electric building through construction. How about the basketball courts north of the school? SPS is talking with Parks about potential updates. The car park will remain between the end of the Schmitz Park track and the community center. The discussion of the car’s access to space on the north side of the school is still under discussion.

A neighbor is worried that the parking area on the northwest side will be canceled (slide above) The pressure on street parking in nearby neighborhoods will increase, especially when there’s a school event: “Removing 20 or 30 parking spaces would have a very big impact.” The project team acknowledged that this was an ‘operational challenge’.

This is where the meeting concluded. The meeting recording will be posted on the project’s area webpage, where you can find other information and updates.

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