What do you expect from the Lamborghini Strato all-terrain supercar

Since it was revealed in 2019, Lamborghini Lovers have been waiting for the Huracan Sterato to become a reality, and fortunately, they won’t have to wait any longer. The Italian brand, known for being one of the most popular luxury sports car makers, has promised to produce an all-terrain supercar by the end of the year.

Earlier in 2022, Lamborghini revealed that there will be two new Huracán variants available in 2022; and Tecnica and Sterrato. The Huracan Tecnica, which debuted in April, quickly became a fan favorite and boosted expectations for Sterato. So without any further ado, let’s get into what we know about the Lamborghini Sterato so far.

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Lamborghini is not familiar with off-road vehicles

If you’re familiar with the Lamborghini LM 002, you already know that the Sterato won’t be Lamborghini’s first attempt to stop pushing. Born from the ashes of a Lamborghini LM 001 and a leopard, the LM 002 became Lamborghini’s first true off-road vehicle.

Known as one of Lamborghini’s most brutal and exotic creations, the LM 002 was equipped with a powerful V12 engine. The LM 002 delivered true Lamborghini performance despite its hefty weight. The LM 002 paved the way for future Lamborghini off-road vehicles and led to the successful production of the Urus more than 25 years later.

The Lamborghini Urus has the speed and design of a sports car, with the space and comfort of an SUV. With a 4-liter V8 under the hood, the Lamborghini Urus makes 650 horsepower and goes from zero to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds.

Not only does the Urus offer everything you would expect from a Lamborghini and SUV, but it can also take you on off-road adventures. Lamborghini Urus features different sand, snow, mud and gravel patterns. To add to the package, it offers stainless steel bumpers and adjustable air suspension.

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Lamborghini plans for the Huracán Strato

Roughly translated, Sterrato means dirt road, and this is exactly where the Lamborghini Sterrato can take you. The concept of this all-terrain supercar was introduced nearly three years ago, and has astounded the masses with its impressive design and features. The Lamborghini Strato is best described as the most adventurous Huracán.

The body of the 2019 Strato was based on the Huracán EVO; With the 5.2-liter V10, you can have 640 horsepower at your disposal and take it beyond concrete, too. It also has EVO’s LDVI system, tuned specifically for off-road adventures.

Lamborghini has made some exterior tweaks to enhance the off-road experience that the Huracan Sterato offers. Raising the height by about two inches aided the departure and forward approach angle, and the wheel track was widened by more than an inch. They gave Sterrato balloon tires with 20-inch wheels and wide-body wheel arches with cool air intakes.

As expected, the lower body received numerous upgrades and better body protection. These improvements included an aluminum front skid plate covering aluminum reinforcements integrated into the front frame, aluminum-reinforced side skirts, and a stone-composite skew body around the engine and air intakes.

Other details about the Sterrato included flexible carbon fiber and resin mudguards, an LED off-road lighting package, a lightweight aluminum roll cage, carbon bi-frame sport seats, four-point seat belts and aluminum floorplates.

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The Lamborghini Sterrato All-Terrain supercar will be very special

Lamborghini released a teaser recently, to announce the upcoming production of the Sterrato. In the video, we see a Lamborghini very similar to the 2019 concept, racing against a bike across bumpy roads with incredible style and speed. The Sterato looks well protected and is easy to handle as it dashes through the gravel.

While Lamborghini may not have released many details about the off-road supercar, we assume it will have the same V10 engine, torque vectoring, all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering as the 2019 concept.

External modifications are also supposed to be similar to those of the same name, making them stronger, safer and better. However, there are some notable differences between the 2019 concept and the Sterato that are shown in the teaser. The latter still has a pair of rectangular LED headlights above the front bumper, but the third LED light strip on the roof rails has been removed.

However, the presence of roof rails means that owners can install their own additional lights. The pre-production Sterato appears to have the same black plastic livery around the wheels as the Concept version, as well as the same slatted hood. Pay close attention, and you’ll notice that there also appears to be an air intake coming out of the engine compartment.

According to the latest reports, Lamborghini is expected to build between 500-1,000 models of the Sterato.

Getting the look and horsepower of a luxury Lamborghini through mud, sand and gravel seems like a lot of fun. Thanks to its predecessors, the LM 002 and Urus, Lamborghini has gained experience getting things out of the way, and we expect the Sterato to blow our minds.

Until it goes into production, we can’t know for sure what great features the Lamborghini Sterrato all-terrain supercar has. However, given the company’s impressive history, we’re unlikely to be disappointed.

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