What if we turned a container into a house?

Leave everything to go live in a container ? There, right away, the idea doesn’t really make you dream.

Build a small house in a transport container

However, transformations that are more successful than others do not leave indifferent. The emergence of this new type of house coincides with the trend little houseso trendy on the other side of the Atlantic, that Americans are slated to compete smart and creative to fit everything that is necessary in little house. If there are containers of various sizes and a variety, the dilemma is – to some extent – the same: how to turn a large tin can into a comfortable nest? Most of the time, we Containers are used to develop outbuildings, fitted cabins, secondary shelters, and even “real” homes. another option? Transform the container into an additional room (artist’s studio, music room, etc.) or even a dream tub! An option that allows you to highlight the industrial design of the container to create an ultra-modern and good-sized above-ground pool!

like since then little house, Often designed on wheels – and approved by backpackers who want to move their homes around on their travels – containers can also be moved and follow their owners on the go, etc. After all, this remains the primary use of the container!

How do you get a container?

If containers were originally used to transport goods around the world, these large metal boxes are gaining more and more interest among individuals. The good news is that you don’t have to be a shipping company to buy one. There are many specialized agencies and websites that allow you to get a container, new or used. On the price side, we’re calculating around €2,500 (excluding taxes) for a used 12m container in good condition. To which must be added the costs of delivery and unloading. To this should be added about 800 euros for delivery by container and about 1,000 euros per day for unloading. Before proceeding with this acquisition, you should be aware that by law the container is a construction that requires prior declaration to the Town Hall: for a container with a floor area of ​​5m2 and 20 m2 a statement Enough; For a container of more than 20m2, it will be necessary to have Building Permit.

Not convinced yet? Check out our slideshow for some of Pinterest’s most successful container transformations!

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