What is the next market stop for buyers and manufacturers in Latin America?

The Platinum Pavilion at the Las Vegas Market houses a wide selection of products made in Mexico.

LAS VEGAS – Made in Mexico sourcing takes center stage at the Platin Pavilion showroom at the Las Vegas Summer Market, Platin officials say Platin American Alliance plans to expand its presence in other markets across the U.S.

“The Platinum Pavilion project aims to expand its presence in the Atlanta and High Point markets in the near future,” said Daniel Rios, COO. “In today’s world of logistical challenges, the Made in Mexico character of the Platinum Suite distinguishes itself as an alternative source for buyers in the United States and Canada, offering high quality and customized service with fast delivery at a fair cost from trading partners in Mexico.”

More than 950 buyers from 30 Latin American countries are members of the Platin American Alliance, a project that started in 2016 with the Preferred Buyers Program to incentivize Latin American buyers to attend US trade fairs. Members include retail stores, store owners, developers, architects, and interior designers. The organization launched the Platinum Pavilion in 2019 in the Las Vegas Market.

“Our goal is to showcase the best manufacturers and artist groups from Mexico and Latin America to US buyers,” said Rios. “We’ve seen an increase in buyer activity in the Las Vegas market. Visitors, prospects, and first-time buyers have been thrilled with Platin Pavilion’s feature sets, and we’ve received new orders and registrations for online purchases throughout the year.”

For the summer market, Platinum hosted three events: Made in Mexico, Sourced in Mexico and Open House. Rios noted that the buyer’s response has been strong and the feedback is positive.

“Our offer offers buyers a wide selection of products,” he said. “We have artists and manufacturers. On art pieces, one of our featured artists has just returned from a show in Milan, Italy. We have frame and unframed art, and our manufacturing companies are very diverse and range from furniture, leather furniture, mirror frames and mirrors, chairs, home decor accessories, and bases, large fiberglass plantations, and more.

“The Platin Pavilion Project prides itself on being able to offer pre-selected Mexican manufacturers willing to work on bespoke projects for both US and Canadian buyers.”

In addition to sourcing products made in Mexico, Rios says Platinum provides buyers and sellers a beneficial business partner.

“We have the advantage of trade agreements between the United States, Mexico and Canada, and in today’s economy, the timing of logistics and related costs is a challenge,” he said. “México has positioned itself as the best source choice due to the quality of manufacture, logistics capabilities, delivery time, customized service and related total cost.

“In the near future, we will continue to stimulate B2B among buyers in Latin America with brands present at US trade fairs,” Rios continued. “On the other hand, with Platin Pavilion, we would like to continue building our offerings to pre-selected artists and manufacturers who present their collections in the showroom at the Las Vegas Market and online to buyers in the United States.”

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