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This image provided by Dormify shows a view of the Dormify.com dorm. It’s dorm shopping season for parents who send their kids to college. (Dormify.com via AP)

New York – For the uninitiated, furnishing a college bedroom can be an amazing experience. Doing this at a time when inflation is high can make it more difficult.

First Step: Carefully review what the school allows and provides. If you want a microwave and a small refrigerator, are energy-efficient assembler models required? Do you need foam noodles to avoid hitting your head under a loft bed, and if so, can the school provide them? How exactly can the thickness of the top layer be?

“You can see the look of terror on the parents’ faces,” said Marianne Szymansky, an independent product researcher who sent two kids to college. “You know, did you get the right mattress pad? That’s crazy.”

Etsy’s fashion expert, Dina Isom Johnson, said self-expression is at the top of the concerns of dorm-bound kids in things like faux headboards and unique dresser knobs.

“Two of my favorite housing trends right now are mood-boosting hues that include bright, vibrant colors like neon and heritage patterns, a nostalgic trend that captures the traditional collective look with elements like plaid linens, wood furniture, and monograms,” she said.

Some suggestions:

Lighting and charging

Bedrooms have poor light, few known electrical outlets in convenient places. Many schools do not allow extension cords. For power strips, which are almost always allowed, consider going vertical with a tower that offers surge protection and USB ports and ports that can accommodate a range of different shaped plugs.

It might be time to get a triple charger. Storage carts, front panels and stand ups with cargo capacity are in abundance.

Use double-sided tape or hook-and-loop straps to attach a power strip to the raised bed frame for easy access.

For students who are so inclined, applying makeup can be a problem that a lighted makeup mirror can solve. Desk or clip lamp is essential for study. Consider a common floor lamp. Neon signs are also popular as decorative lighting.

Shelves and clips

Expanding storage with shelves is a dorm-size jigsaw puzzle. Is there space for shelves above the bed? Does the school allow or provide cages over desks?

Pro tip: It’s not a great idea to replace sturdy shelves with the bathroom version above the toilet that might not be able to handle something heavy, like a microwave. Also, if the bed is high but not all the way down, it may be helpful to use a tall bedside rack with additional shelves or drawers.

Ask the school: Can shelves or brackets of any kind be placed in front of windows?

And remember those closet shelves from high school? Use it to expand the space on a nightstand or desk.

Those commands stick to hooks? Bring plenty, along with removable sticker strips made so as not to damage the walls. Also choose over-the-door hangers for bags, coats, robes, and sheets.

Cabinets and other storage facilities

For the closet, consider sturdy vertical hanger extensions and hanging shoe and clothing storage. Yes, this storage takes up space and adds weight. Is it possible to install an additional rod?

The storage cubes can triple as stools and a step stool, as opposed to a beautiful and comfy decorative pillow.

Storage drawers under a bed or closet are a must, along with extra baskets, or at least a receptacle for random little items that are easy to lose. Medium sized plastic baskets for scarves, socks, and the like can be used on the top closet shelf.

bathroom and miscellaneous

Consider getting some scented Stripod toothbrush protectors. Dorms are dusty. The bathrooms get gross. It may be necessary to tie toothbrushes around. It should be changed every three months.

Bathrooms are often shared, and things get mixed up. The regulator is necessary. Trencher Pro Tip: Use an over-the-door organizer for bathroom fixtures. Dormify sells one with a small built-in face mirror.

Kirkham suggests a rotating bathroom caddy with just the essentials for quick trips in and out of the house.

Minifridge tip: If you are allowed to forgo the type of use, choose one with a separate freezer compartment. You may only protect from freezing the food below. Some kids forgo the freezer completely to get more space in the fridge.

Kirkham, which premieres July 24, proposes a small stand that elevates the unit and includes additional storage space.

“Everything in the bedroom should have multiple functions,” she said.

A small portable battery-powered blender can come in handy. It doesn’t take up much space and helps students eat healthy options stored in room refrigerators. Szymanski loves Blendi.

A kit comes in handy, as does a first aid kit. To help raise the bed, said Szymanski, bring a rubber mallet with you.

And instead of a fabric bedside tray, try a removable bunk bed tray table. It can hold a drink, phone and more.

Last but not least: a permanent marker that is good for marking fabrics as well as plastics.

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