What to do and what not to do in baby room decor for newborn baby nursery

One of the most beautiful feelings in life is to become a parent! But that greater joy also comes with plenty of everyday chaos and overwhelming experiences. If you’re about to welcome your little bundle of joy, the first step to take is to plan and prepare his space to save yourself from little panic attacks every day (no kidding). Your little one needs a lot of things and space, and not allocating a suitable room for your child will only double your daily chores (nobody wants that, right?). Don’t worry because here we give you a brief guide of what you should do and what to avoid to organize a perfect nursery for your newborn. From saving money to time – this little guide will help you move in the right direction. So, without any further ado, let’s move on to the mini guide.

Don’t take care of the lighting

To create a flourishing atmosphere in your child’s room, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the lighting. You must consider why you should be interested in investing in lights for your child, but let us tell you that light plays a vital role in setting the mood for your child. A dark and dull environment with no proper light fixtures can keep your honey irritated while a room with warm lights can make you feel happier and contented. Say no to harsh lighting and opt for soft LED lights to create a better ambiance. Moreover, try to keep the room bright in a way that does not affect your child in any way. Untreated windows in the room? Be sure to cover up the curtains to soften the natural light.

Paint but no VOC paint

Painting the room in cheerful colors is one of the best ways to keep your child’s room airy. Choosing the color palette first and planning the theme in advance is a great way to start the process. Choose only 2-3 pastel colors or soft tones to add to create a stimulating atmosphere. Moreover, while decorating the baby’s room, use VOC-free paints as these paints do not carry any smell and are safe for both the mother and the baby.

Don’t stick to the nursery silhouette art

If you are struggling with budget constraints and don’t want to invest in your child’s nursery (where your child will grow, and then have to spend again for interior remodeling), here is a smart way to save time, money and efforts. Decide on a theme you want in your newborn’s room – whether it’s a magic touch, star-studded stars, a princess, animals or something else. Now, you have to print out those silhouettes, cut out the shapes precisely, and paste them on a wallpaper or wall. And ta da! Cool and stylish baby room is ready and that too without digging your pockets.

Don't stick to the nursery silhouette art

Don’t forget to be a fixer for kids but in a smart way

A child’s home audit without disturbing the decor seems to be a daunting task! But if you’re wondering what to do because you obviously want to keep your little one safe, playing it safe with stylish decor upgrades is your key. Proving style to kids by investing in smart interiors like swapping sharp tables for round ones, cordless blinds and soft sofas without handles or couches is a great way to protect kids in style.

Don't forget to be pinned for kids

Don’t forget to add extra storage

It goes without even saying, baby comes up with countless things (even more than you have). Make sure you invest plentifully in small wooden boxes to separate everything and everything tidy, and arrange them near the crib so you don’t have to rush when your child needs them. If you already have a wooden or iron mermaid, don’t forget to protect it with the kids! Invest in simple things in the beginning that you can always decorate later.

Don't forget to add extra storage

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