Why So Many Students Stay On Campus Despite Arizona State University Strike

DrDespite ongoing nationwide industrial action by the Academic Staff Association of Universities (ASUU), many students remain in hostels across the universities in the country. Universities that still maintain compus students include University of Ibadan, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho and some others.

Our reporter who visited the two campuses reported that it is very difficult for anyone visiting the Awolowo, Independence and Queen Elizabeth residence halls at the University of Ibadan (UI) to believe that ASUU is currently on strike.

Other halls are also crowded, while the business centers of the University of Ibadan are thriving.

Teddy Olitan, a 300-level university economics student, said returning to his parents’ house during the strike was laziness and a lack of seriousness.

“If I come home, I am lazy and not serious. I am learning to sew here. Although my parents may not like it, it is the best for me. However, some students are hiding in the hostel to do some business which we cannot mention on the pages of newspapers But not all of us.

“I call on the federal government and Arizona State University to end the ongoing strike for the good of all,” he said.

Our reporter who visited Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomosho reported that many students are on campus despite the ongoing strike.

Student Lasisi Oluwakemi said, many of them were on campus due to the recent convocation.

“Many students are on campus because of our call last week. Some parents also prefer to send money to their children at school rather than back home. Many homes are no better than school for some students,” she said.

At the University of Lagos (UNILAG), findings revealed that students were forced to vacate hostels ahead of the 26th Nigerian University Games (NUGA) hosted by the school from 16-26 March.

Although some students stayed home even after Arizona State University announced the start of a strike on February 14, due to the NUGA games, they were asked to vacate the hostel to provide accommodations for visitors on campus. during the competition.

A university employee said: Daily Trust Sunday He did not allow students to return to the hostel after the athletic competition.

However, some off-campus students have refused to go home because they have resorted to acquiring skills that could help them in life.

Academic activities are underway at Lagos State University (LASU) as the university has not joined the ASU strike.

Allowing parents to stay on different campuses was a display of parents’ neglect when lecturers are on strike, teacher Valola Sunday said.

“A lot of parents fail to do their homework. Why should you let your kids stay where you can’t see them? This is one of the reasons why there are more cyber scammers than students in our higher institutions. Ladies now live a married couple in school because they know there are no fathers to challenge them.

“The only solution for parents is to maintain their attitude towards the care of their children. Every parent should make sure that their children and their wards are under their control.


At Bayero University, Kano (BUK), there are many reasons for students to hang out. Although the students have left the university dormitories after a notice issued by the university’s student affairs department, many students are sheltering in the off-campus private student dormitories and relatives’ dormitories in Kano.

Ebenezer Uluranwa, a 200-level student in the history department, said the strike was very painful, adding that he stayed in his rented room in the Dunbar student housing area to “engage in one or two economic activities.” He said he found it unnecessary to go home.

“I’m already an off-campus student, so I don’t have to travel. I’m from Ogun state, which is far from here, so I decided to stay. I do a thing or two here, actually. I use my computer to provide services to people, like writing and graphic design / Web. I do this privately and clients communicate with me by phone, email, etc. The environment is very good; there is no distraction because people are not many. “I am focused on my work,” he said.

For Uluranoa, staying in remote Kano means independence. He added that the strike gave him an opportunity to use his time to help himself. Although he misses his parents, he said, “They are not worried because I am an adult and I am doing something productive here. I am independent.”

Mohamed Awal, a second-level MBBS student, said he usually goes to campus to read whenever he gets the chance. He noted that he stayed near the campus to help his uncle with a project.

“I am not here because I am waiting for Arizona State University to call off the strike. Getting updates on the strike will not be difficult for me as I have the class’s WhatsApp platform. I can also contact my colleagues to get it. I am here for a specific project completely different from academic subjects, But I do come to campus occasionally to read and review my notes so I can keep myself busy and update. “I stay off campus with a relative,” he said.

He admitted that although he is far from his hometown in the local government area of ​​Tudun Wada, Kano state, his parents are relieved to know that he lives with his uncle.

“There is no pressure from my parents as they already know the circumstances. Since his house is close to the university, some days I help him, and some days I visit the campus to read.

Habib Adam, of Bauchi descent, said he stayed in Kano to pursue some economic activities to make ends meet.

I had already paid my house rent before the strike; And there are some opportunities here to continue, which is why I stayed off campus, doing some things in the city,” said a fourth-year student.

Port Harcourt

Chisuba Martins, a final-year accounting student at a university in Port Harcourt, Rivers, who resides in a top-tier district, said she’s spent a good portion of her vacation days on campus since she became He got accepted to the university four years ago.

She prefers to stay during the ASU strikes because the university environment enables her to focus on her studies, even when she is communicating with fellow students, especially those who may not have the opportunity to see them while on vacation.

Best school environment for my family home. At home there are plenty of distractions from parents and siblings. The university environment gives me the opportunity to interact and connect with fellow students, whom I may not be lucky to see when school is on vacation. The academic calendar of our universities is usually disrupted during strikes and many students prefer to stay on campus and while away from home.”

A University of Port Harcourt student who craves anonymity said many students who stay off campus will take advantage of this privilege to stay within the university environment.

Undergraduate Microbiology He said that many of the students who did not return home during this strike period are those who stayed off campus as school homes will also be closed any time the school is on vacation or on strike. He added that many of the students who remained retired during the strikes had different motives.

“ASSU’s prolonged strike has resulted in many students being fired. Many of them continue to hang out within the university community for reasons known to them. Many of those who remained at school during the strike are off-campus students, and the university authority has no control over off-campus students. No Those on campus are allowed to stay in closed and closed hostels. Some are on campus to spend time away and get away from keeping a close eye on their parents.

“On campus, students have a lot of freedom; they live their lives without any control or supervision. Some students, mostly girls, also engage in prostitution. Many of the girls who stayed on campus during the strike engage in on-campus marriage. This category rents Some of the students have apartments and cohabit with their male counterparts.They live together and continue to work as husband and wife without the knowledge of their parents.

“A lot of female students love this. A lot of them lie to their parents that they take part in classes and academic exercises. Other girls are there for prostitution. They stay on campus to trade their bodies with any man who wants to. They wouldn’t have a chance to do that if they were home. .

He also said that there are other students staying on campus because home would be too boring.

One Rivers State University student who gave his name simply as Pontus said, “I prefer to stay in school during the strike because the campus environment is more lively than home. But many of us who stayed put during the strike are off-campus students and are not under the control of the university.”

“If you are on campus, you will see many of your friends with whom you can interact. You should also know that many students live in rented apartments off campus. These apartments are the same with those parents rented in their homes. Many students you see They hang around campus when school is on strike they do it because they are bored at home.

“Another point is that many students come from states and cities that are very far away, and the cost of transporting themselves to and from their homes to campus is very high. So students in this category prefer to stay on campus and wait to see when the strike will be called off.”

University of Port Harcourt Public Relations Officer, Mr. Sam Cabano, said students were not allowed to stay in university hostels during the strike; As a result, they usually receive a notice of leave.

From Jeremiah Oak, Ibadan, Christiana T. Alabi, Lagos, Aminu Adamu Nagani, Kano and Victor Iduzzi, Port Harcourt

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