Wiltshire Public Notices: Listed Buildings and Road Closures

Planning Applications: The following planning applications are those that affect the preparation of a listed building, conservation area, public right of way, or major applications.

Bromham: PL / 2022/03405 – 9 Durlett Road, Storage Unit Building.

Calne: PL / 2022/01768 – 1 The Green, shed window replacement.

Chippenham: PL/2022/03255 – Former Departments Police Headquarters, Wood Lane, Change of Status 2 (Approved Plans) for 20/07021/VAR; PL / 2022/03292 – 11 Station Hill, Proposed roof expansion to create an additional one-bedroom apartment and bunk apartment conversion to provide two twin-bed apartments; PL / 2022/02104 – Angel Hotel, Market, Stone Wall Reconstruction.

Corsham: PL / 2022/03480 & PL / 2022/03273 – 55 High Street, A/C unit to rear elevation.

Hardware: PL / 2022/03294 – 4-5 Maryport Street, removing signage and external ATMs.

Marlborough: PL/ 2022/00814 & PL/ 2022/03446 – 1 Clarendon Court, ground investigation work, partial dismantling and reconstruction of listed structural levees and boundary wall; PL / 2022/03324 – 121-122 Ground floor and basement, Main Street, four hanging banners; PL / 2022/02293 – 1 Old Ropeworks yard, Kennett Place, wooden chest and amenity shop.

Purton: PL / 2022/03235 – Pear tree, flat-roof filler to inner courtyard, roofed pantry room extension and soundproofed wall.

Royal Woon Bassett: PL / 2022/02678 – 28 Rowan Drive, replacement garage; PL / 2022/03432 – 178 High Street, demolition of existing extensions, construction of a two-story rear extension; PL / 2022/03125 – Templars Way Industrial Estate, Marlborough Road, Establishment of New Industrial Units.

Road closures: It is hereby notified that Wiltshire Council has issued an order in the interests of public safety to temporarily suspend parking at Market Place, Colerne: North Side; From a point about nine meters north of its intersection with the Vicarage Pass, to a point about 18 meters in the southwest direction..

Ordering will be Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday, May 16 through Friday, May 20.

St Paul Street, Chippenham, from outside the Thurston Court entrance will be closed approximately 50m southwest to enable Wessex Water to carry out the replacement of the defective manhole cover and associated work. An alternate route is via St Paul Street (with an unaffected length) – Marshfield Road – Park Lane. Alternate Route B: Via Park Lane – New Road – Marshfield Road.

It will be from June 9th between 9am and 4pm for two days.

Angel Yard, Marlborough, off an offshore property known as Pear Tree Cottage will be closed approximately 40m northwest to enable Thames Water to repair the service pipe not made on the rim and associated works. Alternativeroute is located via The Parade – A346 – B3052 Pewsey Road – High Street and vice versa.

It will be from June 8 and the closure will be 24 hours a day for three days.

part of the C32 at Inford; From the property known as Down Cottage to outside of its property known as Red Lion, it will be closed to enable Openreach to provide a safe working area for engineers to access existing telegraph poles to provide overhead fiber cabling.

Alternate route: Via C32 (unaffected length) – Enford Hill – A345 Andover Road and back. This order will come into effect on June 6 and a shutdown will be required between 9.30 and 3.30 for one day.

Oxford Road in Calne will be closed from its junction with Sand Pit Road to its junction with Abberd Way to enable Wiltshire Council to implement the construction of a new traffic island.

Alternate route: Oxford Rd (unaffected length) – Wood Street – Square – Curzon Rd – Greencriss Rd – Beversbrook Rd – Oxford Rd (unaffected length) and vice versa.

This order will go into effect on June 6 and closure will be required between 9am and 3pm for a period of five days.

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