Winchester City Council Planning Apps

22/00531 / LIS, Mr. and Mrs. Greenleaf, Minor interior modifications – Move all servicing to existing penthouse, re-orientate and upgrade to a factory room with service trench to connect to the main house – Create a larger kitchen area by removing a dive wall between existing kitchen, utility and pantry and upgrading Floor to Kitchen Level GF WC Flush Floor Raise – Move Kitchen/Dining Room Entrance Door. Existing door kept – minor alterations to master bathroom with addition of shower and fan light modification to match the existing suite in the opposite wing, The Mill House, Mill Lane.

Bishop Waltham

22/00542 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Yates, Bungalow Back Roof Extension with Private Raised Terrace, Butts Cottage, Free Street.

22/00720/HOU, Dr. Alice Watkins, transformed the back half of the garage into a living space including a window in the back wall. Continue to use the front half of the garage for storage and driveway, 5 Foxglove Street.

Compton and Shuford

22/00551/LIS, Mr. and Mrs. White, Construction of a new Ground Floor Front Annex and all associated works, Silkstead Lodge, Silkstead Lane.

22/00932 / HOU, Michael Field, two-story front, side and rear extensions; Alterations and a new roof over the existing house (design modified after appeal APP/L1765/D/21/3286123). Stratton, Highway.


22/01076/TPO, Arqiva, Tree Works, Crowley Court, Beach Hill Lane.


22/00556/HOU, Megan Taylor, loft conversion with rear dormer window, alteration of existing roof with existing ridge extension and suspended gable construction, gable window insertion and interior modifications. Extend the front awning roof to the bay window and porch. 7 Mount Pleasant, Rivendell, Forsley Rd.

Littleton and Harstock

22/00703/HOU, Charlotte Bendall, Change the flat roof to a pitched roof in front of the residence to accommodate velux windows to convert garage into a kitchen and install a window in place of a garage door. Also drop the curb in front of the house to accommodate parking for two or three vehicles, 4 Southwick Close.

The new Reeseford

22/00756/HOU, Nic Joly, erection of a one-story roof extension to the front of existing bungalow, plus flat-roof entrance porch, change of existing roof tile to slate, Morley Drove Lane.

22/01126/TPC, unnamed applicant, Tree Works, Gatekeepers Lodge, Arlebury Park.

22/01129/TPO, Mrs. Petheram, Tree Works, Ash House, 48 Jacklyns Lane.

22/01130/TPO Mr. McGregor, Ash Works, Bridgeview, Nursery Street.

new lands

22/01031/REM, Redrow Plc, Application of Reserved Matters for Construction of Four Dwellings with Associated Amenities, Garages, Parking and Associated Landscaping, Berewood Phase 1, Hambledon Rd.

Olivers battery

22/00255 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Billington, Skylight in the ceiling to let in light into the upstairs landing and the stair after the stair has been moved in order to create a kitchen dinner, 47 Priors Way.

22/00537/LDP, Walter Russell, Legal Certification for a Proposed Use or Development (CLOPUD) of Land Use to locate up to eight caravans for permanent human habitation at Southview Park Homes, Olivers Battery Gardens.


22/00660/HOU, Chris Faroah, proposed two-story rear and side expansions to the existing two-story residence, Roselli, Hospital Street.


22/00655/HOU, Robert Solomon, Double Garage Building, Hoe Manor Farm, Hoe Street.


22/00846/FUL, Mr. & Mrs. Myers, Single Floor Detached Double Garage Building, Dunroom, Land adjacent to Chapel Road.


22/00667/LIS, Sue Mackenzie-Charrington, Suggested Conservatory to Southern Rise, The Crooked Billet, Alresford Road.


22/00641 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Esposito, Two-story sideboard, one-and-a-half-story pool house annex and alternate roof, 33 Skylark Meadows.

22/01059/REM, The North Whiteley Consortium, Application of Matters Reserved for Local Equipped Play Area (LEAP1) and Neighborhood Equipped Play Area (NEAP1), North Whiteley Urban, Botley Rd.


22/00519/HOU, Tribute Property Developments, Renovation of Existing Detached Exterior Building, 1 Lower House Cottages, Winchester Road.

22/00538 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Rustell, a one-story rear annex with an adjacent canopy roof forming a covered area; Replacement one story detached garage and garden shop adjacent to West End, Forest Gate, Forest Lane.

22/00568/HOU, Cedric Hunt, demolishing existing rear slope/conservatory and creating new rear/side extension, Redhill, Nursery House, Winchester Rd.


22/00675/LDP, crossed, one-story rear extension, 32 battery hill.

22/00711/HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Starr, in addition to the work agreed under 21/02145/HOU. The extra work is to pull the garage forward because the slope is an issue and to add a first floor to the garage as an office on 1st floor, 94 Rumsey Road.

22/00715/LDP, Mr. and Mrs. Aylward, Hip-to-gable roof modifications, addition of rear dormer and installation of ceiling lights to facilitate loft conversion, 37 Vernham Road.

22/00717/FUL, William Carver, Increase the height of the wall in the southeast part of the boundary to match the other part of the wall, Sintra House, 5 Christchurch Rd.

22/00726/HOU, Sean Hill, Rear Extension, Chimney Removal and Cantilever Extension, 5 Taplings Close.

22/00727/HOU and 22/00728/LIS, Tom Eshelby, alterations to the listed building, 5 Clifton Terrace.

22/00735/HOU, Mr. Patterson, Orange Wood Back, Arthur Court, Dagon House, Slippers Hill.

22/00742/FUL, Mr. Talwar, Detached Building Containing Two Apartments, 7-9 Gerrards House, Gordon Avenue.

22/00748/LDP, Mr. and Mrs. Cox, Loft conversion including installation of two roof lights on rear elevation and two roof lights on front elevation, to form additional habitable space, 63 Pete Rd.

22/00755/HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Dierckx, two storey annexes forward, raised raised patio, new replacement and twin windows, 24 Olivers Battery Road.

22/00772 / HOU, Mrs. Julia Tess, One-Story Back Annex with Dormer Window, 8 St. John’s Street.

22/00774/HOU, Dr Mercer, loft conversion with side dormer window and bungalow rear extension, 25 St Leonards Road.

22/00953 / FUL, Ray McMurray, Terrace construction of two three-bed and two four-bedroom residences with associated gardens, parking and outbuildings, four chimneys, Winton Close.

22/01049/HOU, James Boughton, new one-story garage extension to front elevation; New wall with wood filler panels and front boundary gate, 70 Rumsey Rd.

22/01109/TPO, N/a, Tree Works, Westacre Nursing Home, Sleepers Hill.

22/01148/TPO, Hooper, Tree Works, 44 Lynford Avenue.

22/01149/TPO, Harker, Tree Works, Greendale, Sleepers Hill.

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