Woman steaming colored food in kitchen cupboard: ‘owner’s own’

A woman has shared an outrageous “landlord’s” after finding stained food in her kitchen cupboards.

The tenant shared a clip on TikTok, under the username @habbo_club_vip, in which she filmed the shelves in her home.

She explained in the captions: “I got the best of the owner as they just came forward and painted the dried noodles left in the cupboards.”

In the clip, she films a piece of pasta – now white to match the interior – loudly shrugging off the surface.

It reveals that a small portion of the shelf under the pasta crust is still the original color.

She jokingly commented on the clip shared at the end of March “LiveLaughLandlord”. Since its publication, it has garnered over 750,000 views, and it can be seen here.

Several commentators shared their horror stories, as well as sympathized with her situation.

“It’s skeletal,” Captainflipflops joked. “It was macaroni carrying a load.”

Stephenroehm572 thinks: “It should have been left. Now you will be blamed for the chip in the paint.”

Jehnay thinks, “I almost ruined their original new paint job on the new cabinets. That would be a $700 repair fee.”

TexMom warned: “You shouldn’t have done it…Now you won’t get your deposit back.”

Kraftykellalizard quipped: ‘Food includes £1,400 a month.’

According to Adrianna: “You have to pay to replace the entire kitchen now.”

Angry Atlas: “This is the highest level of laziness on their part.”

While Kiki thought: “Someone should open a museum based on the items painted on the items painted by the angel.”

Meghan added, “I had the best private show, they drew over the phone.”

In a follow-up clip, where she put together her own viral video, she captioned, “I will not tolerate my owner’s apologies in my comments.”

It is structural. That was a burden the noodle carrier.”

Captain Flip Flops

While the tenant commented: “Landlords try to spend as little time/money looking after their property so they don’t bother to stick anything before painting.”

While it’s not clear where exactly it is based, the Massachusetts state government’s location has outlined the owners’ responsibilities.

The entire rental property must be provided habitable apartments and common areas in accordance with the minimum standards of state health law that seeks to protect the health, safety and welfare of tenants and the general public.

Major amenities and facilities include heat, water, infestation handling, ensuring the integrity of structural elements, and keeping outlets clean and well-maintained.

While they didn’t specifically cover painted pasta, the site added: “Kitchens should have a sink sufficient for washing dishes and kitchen utensils, a stove and oven in good working order, unless the written rental agreement states that the tenant must provide this, and electrical connections for the installation refrigerator.

“You are not required to provide a refrigerator, but if you do, the owner should maintain it in good working order.”

NEWSWEEK Reached for habbo_club_vip for comment.

File photo of a kitchen cupboard. A woman says the homeowner was painting over the food in the kitchen instead of cleaning it.
Irina Tyumontseva / Getty Images
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