Woven gold transforming luxury bathrooms into home bathrooms

Woven Gold is one of the leading names in luxury bathrooms in India. We took an exclusive look at their latest releases that blend luxury and sophistication.

Delhi: In recent years, a lot of subtle importance has been placed in bathroom designs and fixtures. The accessories used are innovative to the point of being therapeutic in their functions. It’s gratifying to see companies like Woven Gold pioneering product groups that aren’t just a luxury addition to making bathrooms look good; These are very helpful in bringing that relaxing rejuvenation to tired muscles after a day’s work.

The exceptional range of bathtubs and shower systems launched recently and available on the official website looks attractive and alluring. They offer a wide range of wellness functions within easy access to the home. Perhaps the best part is that the size of the bathroom will not be a limitation in using these fixtures. There is a choice for every bathroom size and each one comes with its own luxury features to provide comfort.

A closer look at the shower fixtures available at Woven Gold India clears all plans for traveling to spas. Why go anywhere when you can have it all at home? Baths, saunas, steam showers, and multifunctional showers are just some of the tempting blueprints of things the company has in mind. They delved into the annals of human bathing history and came up with an unmistakable collection that is hard to refuse or even look away from. Just imagining the presence of such facilities in the house seems to be a psychological renovation.

There are baths in India that earlier saw elaborate designs for comfort. Antiquity saw more luxurious bathing rituals that invigorated the body and mind in equal measure. However, somewhere in the modern age and with declining apartment sizes, people seem to have forgotten all about everyday comfort. In the middle of the race to achieve professional success and attend meetings and deadlines, most people have reserved the luxury of showering for vacation destinations. It was impossible to imagine introducing these modern luxuries into the folds of home bathrooms. But Woven Gold India as a bathtub company has changed all that and added a lot for every size and budget of a home.

The popularity of modern accessories and fixtures is also indicative of the changing times and preferences developed among modern bathroom connoisseurs. Buyers are no longer willing to accept bathrooms as wet, filthy spaces used only for the rituals necessary for the day. This is a place of rest nowadays where they can rest themselves while enjoying a relaxing bath or dip in the basins. It is a great way to unwind after a day of hectic work schedule and sometimes necessary for a tired body. Long hours working in front of computers often lead to back and shoulder pain. It’s easy to find solace with a bathtub that jets water at a controlled pressure for different parts of the body.

Having a steam bath or sauna arrangement at home was an unimaginable luxury even a decade ago. But companies like Woven Gold India have turned that into reality and are easily accessible too. Customizable styles are available that can be adapted to different types of bathroom shapes and sizes. Although the price ranges may seem a little higher, it can be a cost-effective investment when one considers all the luxury home shower hours in the store. This also greatly reduces health club expenses as people go to enjoy the extra benefits of jacuzzi and sauna.

The success and growth that Woven Gold India has experienced as a company is a combination of its product range and customer service. “We take the quality standards of our products and customer satisfaction very seriously,” said the company’s sales official. There is an extensive network of after sales services available to ensure that customers get quick and easy solutions to any problem they may encounter. This is an important confirmation available across India which is a reassurance to buyers and users.

Bathing in modern India is no longer seen as a cleansing exercise, but rather as a good remedy. From professionals to students, from housewives to businessmen, everyone needs this remedy to heal their bodies and minds with the pampering amenities. There could be no more convenient way to enjoy it than to mount it in an attached bathroom, just waiting for you to enter. It is also pleasing to see companies in India take such amenities and provide them as serious business. They add value to the money spent on home renovation for a modern family. It is important that we firmly believe that each of us deserves the best amenities, especially the ones we bring home.

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