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I’ve been testing the new Wyze Gun Safe since the review unit arrived late last month. Although I like most Wyze products in general, this one seems underwhelming. While I’m sure it will keep any home firearms as safe as any competing products and not connected, adding Bluetooth connectivity to this $154.99 (on sale, usually $169.99) product doesn’t really add much value.

To better understand it, let me share the details about what Wyze Gun Safe is and how my experience was.

The 12.79-pound safe is well designed and constructed from 12-gauge steel. The exterior measures 12.4 x 10.24 x 3.27 inches which makes it relatively slim and small for what it is. At the top is a fingerprint sensor, a four-digit keypad, a hidden door that hides the backup key lock, and a USB-C port. The latter will be used if you cannot find either of the two keys included and the battery in the safe has run out.

Inside there’s 195 cubic inches of storage, along with interior hinges, two LED lights, and a few hidden buttons; These are used to pair the safe with the Wyze app and release the battery pack. Interior contains insert for firearms, magazines, and other accessories. Depending on storage space, I would say that any pistol that measures 5 inches at most should fit. The interior space is a bit deceiving on the outside as the electronics take up a good portion of the lower area.

From a security and safety perspective, the Wyze Gun Safe is certified to meet California Department of Justice specifications for impact and attack gadgets. There are no other certifications such as fire or water resistance. Important to know that I use a “dumb” gun safe to carry my passport and other important papers at home. It is fireproof, which is one of the reasons for choosing it.

Storage of Wyze Gun Safe

Setting up the Wyze Gun Safe is simple and only takes a few minutes. The process is no different than any other Wyze device you add to your home. You open the app, click the button to add a new device and follow the instructions.

The app first explains how to access the internal battery pack. I added the included 4 AA batteries using the diagram on the battery pack but the safe didn’t work.

The printed graph turned out to be reverse, something many reviewers on Wyze have mentioned. Flipping the batteries and replacing the battery pack in the safe fixed this problem and got the safe working.

Wyze Gun Safe Battery Pack

The My Wyze app was automatically connected to the vault via bluetooth and I made some security options like registering a fingerprint and creating a digital PIN to access the vault. This is the PIN to open the safe with its keypad but you can also set another PIN to access the safe through the Wyze app.

I like this as an extra layer of security so that no one with full access to my phone can open the safe via bluetooth. I tested all the ways to open the safe and they all worked fine. The fingerprint sensor seems to be the fastest method (just under a second), followed by the numeric keypad and the Wyze app.

From a privacy perspective, I need to draw attention to one thing. To use the fingerprint sensor, you need to confirm the consent prompt on how and where the fingerprint data is stored.

Wyze says that fingerprints are only encrypted and stored in the vault itself; Not in the cloud and not in the Wyze app. Wyze says in agreement, that you “wave all claims or causes of action based on any collection, use, storage and deletion of fingerprint records…” I suspect this covers Wyze in a situation where law enforcement has requested or obtained an order to see this data.

Wyze Gun Safe RecordLet’s talk about the Wyze app because that’s really the only reason the Bluetooth radio is in this safe. And I don’t really sell it adding that value.

Yes, you can open the safe through the app. If I needed a firearm from him, I wouldn’t waste time fumbling around on my phone. You can also get secure access history, including any failed attempts. You can change or mute the beep volume of the safe. And that’s all there is to it.

Since this device is only Bluetooth enabled, it does not work with any smart home hub or platform. It is precisely a phone connection to a Bluetooth device. You may find this acceptable and that’s okay. I’m a little disappointed.

Even with the phone app and Bluetooth connection, I don’t get notifications when the safe is open. If I’m away from home, I won’t know of any safe intrusion until I get home. I cannot combine the safe with any of my other products. This may sound strange but if my phone is somewhere else in the house I would love to see some smart lights flashing red when I open my safe. But I can not.

In the end, I’m sure this is a solid, safe handgun for those who want or need it. Most of the reviews on Wyze are actually positive. It can, of course, be used to store any valuables. You can even mount it to the floor or wall, like most livable cabinets. But there are plenty of options like this or better ones on the market.

The safe I’m using has a fingerprint reader and a 10-digit keypad, for example. It has double the storage space and will last longer in the fire. And it didn’t cost much when I bought it years ago.

The addition of Bluetooth doesn’t seem to add that much value to the Wyze Gun Safe. I am not suggesting that it is a bad product; If it meets your needs and expectations, go for it. I just expected more of it and found it to be short.

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