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Undo the look of bullets

Poetry: Short on the sides, long and uneven at the top.

eyebrows: Natural and streaked.

Face: Clean, smooth, transparent and hydrated skin.

lip: Cleaning.

Aharon: White two-pocket denim jacket (Mascln Sassafras), crew neck blouse (Uniqlo) and brown jeans.

The weather cools and the leaves change color and fall off. Autumn, or the short pre-winter season is finally here.

from where we start

I suggest you start with the basics. Take a cue from the trends you read here. Keep in mind that menswear trends usually follow broader themes, so there is always room for personal interpretation. At the end of the day, I always advocate wearing clothes that make you feel good.

seasonal effects

Abroad: Turned out of the house and out in the open.

earthy: The fabrics and colors are inspired by nature. Cream, beige, brown, blue, rust, red, yellow and even shades of gray.

a movement: Emphasize stretching, flexibility, and activity.

laid-back: Comfortable fit and more flexible shape.

Work your way into the season

Comfortable office wear is the trend from nine to five, and the look has never been more casual and comfortable this year. After the pandemic, office wear has become more comfortable and has a relaxed feel. Essentially, you need to sync up your comfortable and fluffy clothing pieces with the structure of modern workwear.

If your office allows for business casual, you should seriously consider this “comfort at work” trend: start with a knitted jacket and then pair it with a soft, structured button-up shirt and pants with added stretch, to allow for ease of movement. For fair weather, wear a polo shirt with a jacket. Switch to wires. Pants are not complete without the right shirt to cover them. Give your look a subtle, organized touch by adding a crisp button-down shirt in soft knit or thick flannel.

out and about

The performance features in the shirts and pants will come in handy for your next outdoor trip. Plus, it provides an excellent base for layering.

Personalize your look with a t-shirt or blouse that speaks for itself. Go to graphics or use regular solids. When choosing pants or outer layers, utilitarian details like elasticated fabrics and cargo pockets or slotted pockets are a good idea. Fleece is another hot ticket item, keeping you warm and cozy at the same time.

full blast

As opposed to minimalism, extreme fashion is here to stay and it’s going to take off this season. This fall men’s fashion trend features plush embellishments dripping in texture, bold prints, and extravagant fabrics, especially for a night out on the town.

Texture is a must, so you have to reach for the velvet jacket to get started. Pair a polished button-up shirt with skinny pants and loafers. Wear a silk pocket square as a finish and to add a pop of color.

Patterned socks peeking out from the gap between the cuff and shoes will add visual interest. For the adventurous, I suggest contrasting color geometric and digital patterns and prints on the T-shirts.

Practical style

Expand your denim repertoire by adding a pair of colorful jeans to your spin. Red, gray and yellow are all excellent colors for men’s fashion this year.

Try a different fit. Try slim or skinny styles. For those of you who like a little more leg room, swap out your relaxed fitness style for a desirable straight fit instead. Over time, you will get used to the new look and feel.

Under The Over

Fortunately, the layers are both fashionable and practical.

To complement your low-top outfit, look for jackets, tracksuits, or bomber jackets. Jackets are the go-to apparel of the season and can be worn from day to night.

Entertainment rules

It has become clear over the past few years that comfort is key to dressing. Stretchy cotton fabric, this chino cut is a must-have for date night or on the go. This method will easily take you from work to the weekend.

Above, it’s all about the soft, smart fabrics. The button-down flannel shirts pair easily with chino-style track pants. If you want to go sporty, then wear matching shirts and sweatshirts.

color story

Choose warm tones and natural colors like forest green, bark, and oatmeal. Wear muted colors inspired by nature. Think of brown tones that are deeply rooted in the ground. When adding color to your fall wardrobe, look for rusty orange and red tones for the changing leaves. Deep neutrals, dark navy and black will make you look classy and elegant.

If you prefer to keep a touch of bright and bold color in your everyday style, go for dusty blues, teal, and muted yellows. No matter which of these colors brightens up your day, you are sure to stay on trend while wearing them during this transitional season.

Lifestyle + Autumn Trends

Expand your style into your personal space.

Get the land

An eye-catching rug or rug on the floor in the living or work room will make the space more inviting and create just the right amount of warmth. Trends prefer simple lines and geometric patterns.

Lifestyle advice: I suggest a nice graphic style to keep it looking light and subtle.

This stunning multi-pattern striped rug will bring a masculine and nautical look to any room. (Rugberry hand-tufted eucalyptus wool rug)


Since lighting plays a major role in décor, make sure your space has soft lighting to make it look warm and cozy. Lamps should match (harmonize with) or contrast with the look and feel of the room in which they are located. Metallic bulbs (gold, silver, or metallic) always look masculine and tend to make a statement on their own.

Lifestyle tip: Place the lamp where it highlights the area you want to focus on.

This ‘Contemporary meets Modern’ designer lamp is perfect for decorating a side table, corner or bare nook (Lovely Kasa Brass Calisto Lamp by Rosha)

With a bold structural shape, this tall table lamp made of mild steel features a glass shade that aesthetically distributes the light. (Argus Table Uplighter from Renovation Factory)

He must have it

My fall picks to consider adding it to your closet to make a stylish statement:

Long Sleeve Blouse

This ultra-lightweight, sweat-wicking, full-sleeved T-shirt features sustainable silver ion fabric for odor-free workouts and other activities. (Zymrat Super Silva Henley Full Sleeve Top)

Choose between a round neck or a V neck and use it as your first layer and layer your jackets or shirts over it.

hemp shirts

Casual full sleeve hemp shirts with coconut shell buttons and azo free color dye that have minimal environmental impact (Dennison Sustainable Hemp Shirt)

T-shirts in natural fabrics for a more modern look. I suggest semi-structured, rather than a warm fit.

printed shirts

Wear this navy and blue full-sleeved linen-blend shirt with a mandarin collar to stand out from the crowd. (Goa Blues shirt by Sioli)

Forget simplicity, make a statement with large, bright, eye-catching graphic prints to take your style quotient to the limit.

casual shirts

A modern casual white shirt to wear with ropes, chinos or jeans. (KZ07 stretch cotton shirt with zip closure)

Besides the office, use the season to wear casual, full-sleeved white shirts for everyday and casual wear.


This zip-up jacket features an elasticated hem, sleeve placket, and fashionable metallic buttons on the front patch pocket to give it a sleek, well-fitting look. (Black statement jacket by Styleyn)

Wear them in almost every shape, style, and color. Your fall jackets can be casual (denim), sporty or semi-formal.

coordinate groups

Coordinating and matching sets are the season’s hottest trend (zip-up bomber jacket and joggers in cotton ottoman with patch detail and side pocket by Mascln Sassafras)

Coordinated or informal sports groups are here to stay and will be around for the long term. This can be a tracksuit or a tracksuit (a sweatshirt with sweatpants).

sports shorts

Wear tapered, stretchy, long but sexy running shorts for sports and more (Skechers Go Walk Moisture Shorts)

Put your shorts on before winter is too cold to wear. Sweatpants can be worn at the gym, dance lessons and even during the day.


BREATHABLE RUNNER PANTS BREATHABLE AND STRETCH RUNNING WITH YOU (Beyours Multicolor Stretch Sweatpants with Side Zip Pockets)

Add a pair of track pants or joggers to your wardrobe for everyday wear. You can wear them from everything from your morning run to the movies.


The crisp asphalt fitted kurta looks sophisticated for an Indian look. (White poplin kurta with mandarin collar and straight pajama by Abhishti)

Traditional clothes are always noticed and therefore they should always look clean, strict, well-kept and ironed.


To live in jeans, choose super-soft, stretchy fabrics over those that aren’t. (Grey skinny jeans are made from Guess’ recycled cotton fibers)

Gray or black jeans go with everything from daytime to evening wear. Bright and bold colors just when you want to make a statement with strong style.

leather backpack

Leather bags with multi-purpose pockets look very fashionable and practical. (Black Wax Leather Smart Backpack by Da Milano, Italy)

A backpack is more practical than a shoulder bag or handbag because it allows you to be hands-free, especially when on the go.

The author is a consultant and trainer for image, style, care, and etiquette.

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