Zara Home presents the Vincent Van Duysen collection

Zara Home and Vincent Van Duysen team up for a collection of modern classics

Zara Home + by Vincent Van Duysen launched with an introductory set, available from 30 June 2022 with a selection of pieces that blend the DNA of the Belgian architect
Zara Home announces a new collaboration with Vincent Van Duysen, featuring furniture and home accessories in the distinctive and sophisticated style of the Belgian architect. The first in a series of collaborative pieces (part of an ongoing collection slated to be updated with new designs twice a year) focuses on the living room, with sofas, armchairs, tables, desks, and consoles, as well as lighting, ceramics, and textiles.

Zara Home meets Vincent van Duysen

Wooden chairs with leather cushions

The collaboration stemmed from a relationship between Van Duysen and Marta Ortega, president of Zara’s parent company Inditex. A visit to the architect’s home in Antwerp inspired Ortega to invite him to create a collection for Zara Home, elevating the brand’s showcase with his creative vision. “I didn’t have to think much for a very long time,” says Van Duysen, who immediately accepted the offer. I turned 60 in April, so it was a good time for me to reflect on my work and who I am, trying to find my DNA. So I looked back and seriously thought about my previous work.

It would be the first time that Van Duysen’s designs would be accessible: usually part of the luxury collections of the likes of Molteni & C, for which he is creative director, or created for private clients, his designs are often identified by exclusive aura. “I’m a Democrat, my heart and soul,” he says. I love Zara’s philosophy, position and place in the world to make beautiful things accessible to any of us. I wanted to see what that would look like for my furniture. As of June 30, 2022, the collection will be sold worldwide, making his work immediately available globally on an unprecedented scale.

Debut collection for Zara Home

Wood and leather chair and desk

This first collection is inspired by the evolution of Van Duysen’s private homes in Antwerp: his living room in the 1980s, when he had just returned to Belgium from Milan, and his space now. Some subtle and distinct motifs define these spaces, and return to the collection: purity of lines, geometric shapes, natural materials including wood, stone and linen and a palette of neutral colors (bone, midnight blue, dark green) that give a calm and contemplative tone to the environments.

The designs, just like his own attitude to creativity, embody a sense of life, the Italian concept of Live in: “It’s about everyday spaces, what people live with, and how they approach the pieces they love.” This is a collection that is touched, embraced, and coexisted, featuring generous shapes and simple silhouettes that make each piece an easy at home in any environment.

Natural wood and leather seats

Each piece has been streamlined at its core, while maintaining its signature Van Duysen touch. The sofas and armchairs are inspired by the typical upholstered British stools (or, as he calls them, a “typical comfortable sofa”), upholstered in neutral linen or bouquet textiles, while oak tables feature the dense spirit of many of Van Duysen’s interiors. A suspended leather stool, the stools have a contemporary feel, while the side tables in ash and Galician stone feature a cross-shaped base the edges of which form a motif on the table top. Throughout the collection, there are subtle nods to designs by Louis Barragán, Alvar Aalto, and Jean-Michel Franck.

“The collection reflects the way I live, it’s really me,” says Van Duysen, who plans to release a second collection with Zara Home in October 2022, and ultimately, through this collaboration, “covers everything that belongs to the art of living.”

Making his work accessible on a new level, van Duysen concludes, is “an opportunity to fit the dreams and desires of anyone. Because we all need to dream. §

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